Chapter (2)
~ Anthropos

Anthropos is a project that uses emerging photographic practices to question the concept of digital permanence in relation to memory.  The project also seeks to explore notions of the uncanny and draw parallels between historic sculptural techniques with modern photographic practices. The project was named using the Greek term for human, Anthropos. The subjects are human with no cultural, religious or economic associations.

Photography has acted as a crutch to memory. We collectively use our phones as a visual database to recall years of 2-dimensional (2D)  low-resolution snapshots of our lives. As such, it has been a great measure to chart the growth of life and loss of life. Through these images we possess the ability to turn back time. Our connection to these people has often been stuck in this form of media. The concept for this project is to repurpose this media, turning low-resolution JPEGS into a digital file that can be treasured in a new way to digital and analogue. The intention is to make a form of new digital media that has the same sense of permanence as a physical object.